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Centers in the

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360DataHub is building physical decentralized data centers in the Mena Region. 360DataHub integrates Blockchain Technology into the Middle Eastern market, offering the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective data storage solutions ever introduced.

Building Next-Generation Decentralized Data Centers in the Mena Region

The future of data storage is decentralized. Building on 360DataHub Blockchain Technology developed in Singapore, 360DataHub is giving life to next-generation data centers in the Middle East, cultivating ground for decentralization and future-proofing data storage in the whole region. The greater the level of decentralization, the higher security of data storage is achieved.

Launching Local Storage networks (LSN) for specific industries

A robust solution to handling highly sensitive data. YottaFile enables governmental entities and organizations operating confidential information to safeguard their data in a private data storage network. Be it financial data, surveillance records, or confidential files, the intellectual property of your organization is inviolable within an LSN.

Seamlessly Migrating Traditional Data Centers to the Blockchain

With the emergence of blockchain technology, it has become apparent that the existing traditional data storage solutions fail to keep up with the demands of the fast-evolving digital world. Thousands of organizations around the world are currently investing enormous efforts into the transition of their data centers to decentralized systems. 360DataHub assists companies and governmental entities in the Middle East in seamless migration of their data to the Blockchain for significantly higher security, privacy, and capacity indexes at a lower cost.

Why is Blockchain a disruptive


“I came, I saw, I conquered”. Blockchain technology has taken the world by storm ever since it first emerged. Initially created as the underlying technology of Bitcoin, Blockchain has proven to be capable of radically redesigning entire industries and affecting the way people interact and trust anything that happens online. Significantly reduced costs, unprecedented transparency, gigantic social and economic impact brought by Blockchain suggest that this disruptive technology is here to stay. In fact, Blockchain is considered to be the ground technology for the future generation of the Internet – Web 3.0.

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Since the launch in the Mena Region, we introduced our technology to many investors and potential corporate grade users.


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