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Given the rapid rise of blockchain, edge computing, mobile computing, the massive growth of data due to digitalization, and the global movement towards information privacy, the digital world needed distribution of control. These tendencies have led to the arrival of self-sustaining, trustless, decentralized data storage and data management solutions. Decentralized data storage systems run on Blockchain, the technology that first emerged to introduce the decentralized currency of Bitcoin. However, it has been proven that not only finances can be decentralized, but just about any other field – Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Security etc. Individual users and large corporations hurry to secure their place in the decentralization movement.

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Decentralized Storage
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  • Deduplication & Encryption
  • Self Healing and no data loss Function

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10.000 x improved reliability

Data stored using 360DataHub Blockchain solutions cannot be lost or manipulated. It gets split into unreadable elements and distributed across a network of trusted storage nodes in various locations. Encrypted and securely stored, hack- and disaster-proof, such data can only be accessed by its rightful owner.


TruePrivacy is a patented technology of 360DataHub, the only technology in the world that enables data encryption followed by deduplication to achieve top-level data security while reducing the cost. The ability to combine encryption and deduplication processes is unique and unprecedented in the industry, identifying TruePrivacy technology as an absolute breakthrough.

No Data Loss

Data stored on 360DataHub Blockchain is distributed across a network of geographically dispersed data storage nodes. These nodes constantly monitor each other. The slightest system issue is detected instantly, and the lost data is rebuilt in no time. This robust system is resilient to cyberattacks and natural disasters, unlike centralized data storage solutions.

Self Healing

360DataHub Blockchain Technology is equipped with a powerful self-healing mechanism that is automatically activated in the unlikely event of one of the data storage nodes’ failure. The system automatically assigns other nodes to fulfil the function. Every instance of the lost data will be rebuilt in a matter of seconds.

Cost and space effective

Integrating 360DataHub blockchain technology into your business guarantees significant cost reduction in the long run. With relatively low infrastructure expenses, top-level efficiency and reliability, this technology is an essential cost-cutting tool. The deduplication feature significantly reduces cost by optimizing storage capacity through data redundancy prevention.

Deduplication and Encryption

Encryption is a powerful security tool that guarantees your intellectual property is kept confidential. In simple terms, encryption is the process of converting data from a readable form to an encoded version that can only be decoded by the data owner, using a decryption key. Before being stored, every instance of data is encrypted through a mathematical algorithm, contributing to the overall security and integrity of the network.
Deduplication is a process of eliminating unnecessary copies of data. To avoid sending duplicated data over the network, our technology allows deduplication at the source. This feature greatly reduces cost, optimizes storage efficiency and capacity.

No Central Authority

Trusting traditional data storage systems involves keeping your data in the hands of third parties, where it could potentially be hacked, manipulated, or lost. 360DataHub Blockchain Technology is equipped with powerful security tools, providing solutions for decentralized data storage systems, where innovative technology and math entirely replace human intervention and trust factors.

Zero Knowledge

360DataHub Blockchain Technology is equipped with a zero-knowledge data encryption feature. Zero-knowledge encryption means that the solution provider, the developer, and the data storage node owner know nothing about the data you store. In a nutshell, this powerful tool guarantees that absolutely no one can access the data except its rightful owner.

Build your private decentralized

storage network – LSN

Local Storage Networks

Why Local Storage Networks?

Powered by 360DataHub Blockchain Technology with zero-knowledge data encryption and TruePrivacy feature, LSN is a project that enables the establishment of independent data storage networks for organizations and governmental entities that operate sensitive data requiring a high level of confidentiality. This project enables fulfillment of various data security requirements in accordance with the regulations of a specific industry.

Ideal solution for regulated sectors or industries

Local Storage network is a robust solution to handling highly sensitive data. 360DataHub enables governmental entities and organizations operating confidential information to safeguard their data in a private data storage network. Be it financial data, surveillance records, or confidential files, the intellectual property of your organization is inviolable within an LSN.

Customized Turnkey Solution

As the very first project of its kind in the Middle East, LSN will open doors to those organizations in the region, that wish to leap forward in terms of security of their data and digitalization of their business overall. Built entirely on the 360DataHub Blockchain Technology, your Local Storage Network is a turnkey solution, thoughtfully customized to the needs of your business.

Study Cases for

Local Storage Network


Decentralization of data storage opens new opportunities in the Healthcare industry. Storing sensitive patients’ data on centralized servers located on the hospital premises poses risks to the confidentiality of patients’ data in the form of physical damage, cyber-attacks, data breaches, etc.
A Local Storage Network is a perfect solution allowing medical facilities to store, manage patients’ personal data and medical records using Blockchain Technology. Split into pieces and encrypted, the medical data will be securely stored on the network of nodes. Such data is resilient to all sorts of damage since, in case of one of the storage nodes failure, the network will automatically recover the data in a matter of seconds.
Screening results, Past visit history, appointment bookings, and even immediate medical advice will be accessible at a tap on the patient’s phone through a customized user-friendly decentralized application (DApp). These applications run on the Blockchain, and all the operations are executed through smart contracts. Our team of experts will craft a DApp that is customized according to the needs of your industry.

Camera Operators

Surveillance monitoring represents the most accurate example of data storage security being directly linked with the security of individuals, physical and intellectual property in both private and public sectors. The UAE is recognized as one of the countries, striving towards smartification of cities and one of the most active users of CCTV. The LSN solution can be utilized by CCTV companies in the region to create a closed private network for secure storage and efficient management of highly sensitive surveillance records.


Moving away from outdated and inefficient centralized systems, governmental entities around the world are shifting towards decentralized data storage networks introduced by Blockchain technology, in search of greater security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Our LSN solution uses the whole stack of tools to ensure secure storage of highly sensitive governmental data in compliance with privacy standards relevant to the industry. Common use cases of blockchain technology in data storage and management for the Government sector include smart cities, vaccination tracking, tax collection, identity management, etc. Customized decentralized applications powered by smart contracts can be built to fulfil the above-mentioned processes and ensure identity protection, secure payments, and data sharing while eliminating a single point of failure and protecting confidential citizen and government data.

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application (DApps)

Expertise & Know how

What are DAPPS?

Decentralized applications (DApps) are not owned, managed, or controlled by a single entity. These platforms are built within a blockchain network. DApps do not run on a single server, instead they use excess power of globally distributed computers. The information is stored on a shared database, and not a single authority can control it. Data is encrypted, and only the data owner has the key to access it.

Use cases

DApps are the decentralized future of software. They are used to create an open-source, secure ecosystem, acting as a base for new online tools in almost every existing field – from Finance and Healthcare to Education, Insurance, Security, Education etc. The decentralized architecture of such applications offers high indexes of privacy, security, and resiliency, capable of fulfilling the demands of any industry.

User benefits

There is no single point of failure in decentralized app management since individual users inside the network are not reliant on a central server.
DApps are:


No central authority can control or make network managing decisions;


The source code is available for everyone; any modifications made to it are transparent; involve


These platforms integrate advanced smart contracts to streamline their business systems. There is no single point of failure in decentralized app management since individual users inside the network are not reliant on a central server.